The PSIRP Mission

The PSIRP project will redesign the Internet architecture from the pub/sub point of view, taking nothing (not even IP) for granted. PSIRP’s work will focus on the intersection of security, routing, wireless access, architecture design, and network economics, in order to design and develop efficient and effective solutions. The new pub/sub-based internetworking architecture will restore the balance of network economics incentives between the sender and the receiver and is well suited to meet the challenges of future information-centric applications and use modes.

The PSIRP project’s main objectives are as follows:

  • Design a new information-centric internetworking architecture based on the publish-subscribe paradigm

  • Make “information” the centre of attention and remove the “location-identity split” that plagues current networks

  • Implement innovative multicasting and caching features to optimize performance and efficiency

  • Implement security functionality as a native core component of the architecture

  • Implement and validate the new architecture under realistic operational scenarios

  • Collaborate with key industry experts and promote their ideas in the wider community through publications, presentations, workshops, and involvement with other projects at the European and international levels

  • Disseminate the results